Tee-Bone Spinnerbait


Keitech Is proud to announce the Revolutionary “Tee-Bone Spinnerbait. Built with High-quality components and exceptional craftmanship, the Tee-Bone will soon be your favorite weedless search bait.



Tee-Bone Head Design

The Tee-Bone shaped head provides stability and allows the bait to track correctly. It comes through cover cleanly while remaining amazingly weedless.


Blade Design

The Blades are engineered to activate quicky and rise as soon as the bait hits the water. They also allow the bait to have a vertical falling posture when the retrieve is paused. Multiple blade colors have been provided to best match the coloring of the Skirt and Head. The “Patent Pending” Cone shaped blade guard protects the clevis from debris making the Tee-Bone remarkably weedless.


Custom Katsuichi Hook

The Custom designed Katsuichi hook is exceptionally strong and sharp. The trailer keeper design aids in maintaining the Horizontal posture through the retrieve and improve castability. There is also a weight indication stamped on the keeper.


Color Chart


Rig info coming soon...