Swing Swimmer


The Swing Swimmer is a specialized swim jig designed to swim correctly through cover.

The inverted T-Shaped head suppresses upward lift improving over all balance. The custom designed vertical eye is placed tight to the pointed head allowing it to slice through cover. The addition of a long soft brush guard brings performance to a new level.

Product Details

The key to improving fishability was to develop a head with a sharp nose. To achieve this the line tie was custom designed to our specification.

The Inverted T-Shaped head acts like a keel improving the swimming posture at all retrieve speeds.

Each jig is stamped with its corresponding weight for easy identification.

For an improved horizontal swimming posture we extend the length and increase the thickness of the trailer keeper thus changing the center of gravity. Double barbed keepers firmly hold the trailer in place.

On the business end is a custom “Kiro Hook” finished with a sproat shaped bend. This achieves both a high hooking and catch rate. The 3/0 hook was designed for our Fat Swing Impact 4.3” or 4.8.”

Color Chart

Available Sizes 1/4 & 3/8oz.

Rigging Options


Swing Impact 4.5”


Fat Swing Impact 4.3”