Swing Bait


Keitech's revival of a Swimbait Classic

Before the Swimbait revolution, The Swing Bait was rumored to be the "Secret Bait" for Japan's highland clear lakes. Local experts at Lake Nojiri and Lake Hibari kept this a secret for many years, but eventually it spread to General Anglers and eventually became a staple. Keitech's New version is primed to become an instant Classic throughout the World where pressured waters dictate a subtle approach. The Swing Bait's Natural subtle vibrations are created by the tapered body and the thin tail and paddle. This produces the "Ultimate Lifelike Action" We pursue. The Swing Bait's signature action is unlike any of our existing Swimbait. The thin tail section and small paddle reduce the rolling action and tail vibration. This attracts even the weariest predator.
The Goal was to not only recreate the original, but to improve it.


Mid-Line Rigging Slots & Strong Squid Infused Scent

A precise slot ensures correction rigging, thus improving fishability. It is essential to maximize the inherent action of the lure.

Squid flavor and a Special Plastic compound add to the Swing Baits allure.

This combination can give you an added advantage when the bite is tough.


Unique Swimming Motion

Our Signature swimbaits show a powerful side to side swinging action.
The "New" Swing Bait has a narrow range of tail movement and produces the natural vibrations of a baitfish.


The Swing Impact (Top Image) has a flared rib which extends to the bottom of the paddle. The Swing bait (Bottom Image) connects at the top of the tail.

The Swing Impacts tail acts to deflect the current while the Swing Bait absorbs it creating a unique subtle disturbance.

Blister Packaging

  • Blister packaging ensures lure integrity.
  • The Tail is the heart of this swimbait, it essential it stays straight. The Blister packs protect the bait until it is ready for rigging.
  • We Recommend storing the baits in the blister pack as intended.

Color Chart

Coming Soon:

Bluegill Flash - 418
Pro Blue Red Pearl - 420
Sight Flash - 422
Sexy Shad - 426
Tennessee Shad - 429
Electric Shad - 440
Electric Blue Chartreuse - 450
Smallmouth Magic - 452


Weightless Rig

We suggest trying the Swing Bait Texas rigged with a heavy wire #1 worm hook and running it just under the surface.


Jig Head Rig

Front Facing Sonar anglers will love the subtle action tempting even the weariest fish to react.


Try a #1 Super Round Jig head

Dropshot Rig