Glide Camaron 3.5"


Keitech’s New High-density Back-Sliding Craw

The “Glide Camaron” was designed to provide a unique action with little to no input following the cast. Made with high-density plastic and weighing nearly 3/8oz., the Glide Camaron adds a whole new dimension by allowing Anglers to target hard to reach areas frequented by Mr. Bass.

The Unique back-sliding action allows the bait to significantly move away from the Angler when cast on a slack line. Once moved on the retrieve the bait will continue to back-slide following every movement of the rod. This keeps the Glide Camaron in the strike zone longer.

It is also very effective for Bed Fishing, allowing the angler to keep the bait in position while adding a dimension of movement to trigger an aggressive response.


Back-Sliding Design

To obtain the optimum fall speed without sacrificing strength, a special plastic formula was developed using the perfect salt ratio in the rear section of the bait. This also contributes to better castability.


Articulated Three-Dimensional Claws

The Three-dimensional articulated claws add a great deal of realism and act to stabilize the bait as it glides to its target.

At the time of shipment, the tip of the whisker is factory-locked to prevent it from bending or curling. Please remove it if you like (you don't need scissors, you can easily remove it by hand).

Rigging Enhancements

To improve hook up efficiency and ease of use, a deep slot has been placed on the top side of the body. This aligns the hook perfectly to the point guard feature which keeps hook point free of debris.


Forward Rigging Position

The forward hook guard provides a solid location to place the hook and protects the hook from gathering debris.


Weight Tuning

The small hole on the bottom of the bait is the perfect place to add additional weight. Tungsten nail weights are recommended.


Blister Packaging

The blister pack ensures the integrity of each bait, keeping each “Glide Camaron” in perfect condition.


(Length 3.5”) (Weight Approx 3/8oz). (6pcs. / Pack)

Color Chart


Weightless Back- Slide Rig


Top Image: 3/0 Wide-Gap Hook
Bottom Image: 4/0 Wide-Gap Hook