Flex Chunk


Flex Chunk Trailer - Old School action through New Age materials and design.

Since the development of the Bass jig, Anglers realized the "Natural Action" of pork trailers entice Over-sized Bass to react strongly to the offering. Although this was widely known, there were down sides to using such a material. The Baits were very messy and dried out if not continuously used. Storage was always an issue.

Keitech's Flex Chunk gives you the action of pork with the pleasure of plastic. Once the jig hits bottom and the skirt flares, the trailer legs fall seductively causing a reverberation action which mimics traditional pork offerings.

The Thick leaf-shaped segmented legs allow for superior flexibility. Optimum Material Hardness, the perfect salt content, and a good dose of our " Strong Squid Scent along with the colorations never available in Pork trailers make the "Flex Chunk Trailer" a truly innovative trailer.



Super Flexible Segmented Legs

The Leaf-shaped thick segmented legs react to the slightest movement and creates outstanding turbulence.



A "Special" blend of plastics provides the perfect amount of softness. By using salt to adjust the specific gravity of the plastic we were able to slow the movement of the legs. Natural Squid Flavor induces strong bites.


Rigging Method

We strongly recommend treading the trailer on to the jig head, this improves durability and the action the head transmits directly to the legs.



Medium (6pcs. / Pack)


Weight (1pc.) .22 oz.
Recommended Jig Hook #1/0 or #2/0

Large (5pcs. / Pack)


Weight (1pc.) .47 oz.
Recommended Jig Hook #3/0 to #5/0

Header Size Comparison


The Medium is about 3.2"in length, the large is about 4.3"

Color Chart


Jig Trailer


Flex Chunk (Large) with Casting jig


Flex Chunk (Medium) with Football Jig