Crankin' Football Jig


The Crankin” Football jig is designed to be fished on a slow retrieve, keeping constant contact with the bottom. The Reverse Delta head design reduces snagging and helps maintain an upright posture on the retrieve. Try using our Fat Swing Impact as the trailer.


The innovative Reverse Delta head is a completely new design. The forward-facing flat surface pushes water creating a subtle turbulence and keeps the jig upright. This revolutionary design reduces snagging and transmits a powerful bottom signal back to the angler. The double barbed trailer keeper holds your trailer firmly in place.

The Crankin’ Football is available in four sizes ranging from 3/8oz. up to 1oz.
The jig weight is stamped on the bottom of each jig head.

The custom-made Decoy 4/0 hook is sticky sharp. The sproat shape hook is designed to hold firmly, reducing lost fish on the retrieve.

Color Chart

Available Sizes (Lead) 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz & 1oz.



Large Flex Chunk


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