Crankin' Football Jig Head

Crankin Football Jig Head Header

The Crankin’ Football jig head is designed to be used in conjunction with our larger sized Fat Swing Impacts.

A slow steady retrieve making continuous bottom contact has produced outstanding results. It is also a great option for your other favorite soft baits.


The double barbed keeper holds your trailer firmly. The added length and thickness of the keeper moves the center of gravity. This produces the perfect swimming posture on the retrieve.

The 4/0 custom Decoy hook is “Sticky sharp” and keeps them buttoned up.

Available Sizes


Available Sizes (Lead) 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz & 1oz.
(2 Pcs. / Pack)



Crazy Flapper 3.6"


Fat Swing Impact 4.3”