Casting Jig


Flip, Pitch or Cast, This jig does it all!

Using many attributes of the successful Model 1 Jig we are now able to produce a non-tungsten version at a very fair price. This addition to our best-selling jig line up is sure to be a customer favorite.

Product Details

The teardrop head slitters through cover and fishes very cleanly. The “New” horizontal hook eye eliminates the line from sliding side to side and is angled to provide positive hooksets.

Each jig has its weight stamped on the back of the jig head.

The custom Decoy 4/0 hook is both bigger and stronger than the Model 1. The special bend works equally well flipping, pitching, or casting.

Equipped with the perfectly selected weed guard, stiff enough to provide protection without sacrificing hooking power.

Finishing it off with a perfectly hand-tied custom silicone skirt makes the “New” Standard a real “Stand Out”

The trailer keeper has been designed to hold the trailer firmly in place!

Color Chart

(Made of Lead) 3/8oz. & 1/2oz.



Large Flex Chunk


Paddlin' Beaver